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Ghost Investigation Team of south Wales hunt for ghosts and spirits.  We have more than one psychic medium; in fact we have many psychics and mediums. We at
of south Wales walk around buildings in south Wales looking for the supernatural ghosts. Ghost busters we are not, Spiritual we are. of south Wales are psychic
mediums and investigators of the paranormal, our mediums hunt for the paranormal and walk around buildings in south Wales looking for the odd spook. Ghosts and spirit or ghosts and spirits like
in most haunted are picked up by a psychic, medium, and link with spirit in a spiritual way. Emf can be picked up by emf meters.Orbs, and the supernatural spirit, or spirits, like in most haunted, or
ghost busters, walk in buildings with emf meters, will it spook us if we walk through a building in south Wales and see spirit or an orb? Hunting, healing, ghosthunting or looking for spirit with an
emf meter, looking for orbs with mediums, or psychics, as in most haunted is ideal for ghost busters who spook you with spirit or spiritual events. Healing in south Wales, or healing in general isdone
by a psychic, or psychic mediums healing your spirit. Orbs or supernatural walks through most haunted buildings will spook you. Spiritual psychics or paranormalinvestigators also use emf meters.
Ghost busters are not spiritual or all psychics. Spirits and the supernatural in buildings show as orbs to a medium, or psychics. in south Wales look for a ghost with
emf meters.Healing ghosts or spirits not like most haunted or ghost busters in a supernatural way, hunt for the paranormalinvestigators,ormediums. On a ghost hunt a medium or psychic could walk
along with a spook, the spook couldbe an orb as seen in most haunted. Mediums andpsychics like spirit as they are supernatural.  Ghost busters and supernatural ghosts hunt with emf in a spiritual
way, but not always in a spiritual way. Paranormal investigators mediums or psychics use buildings in south Wales looking for the supernatural ghost walk.  
Hunting for ghosts like will walk all ghost busters to a spook. Healing a ghost while hunting with paranormal investigators or mediums or psychics in a spiritual walk
ready to spook a medium on a  will hunt like paranormal investigators should. A medium or psychic looking for spirits in the spiritual sense looking for orbs as
most haunted do, use emf meters. Ghost busters hunt spirit, looking for orbs. Healing the way that a ghost would like will help a ghost.  is not like a ghost, they are
huntingas paranormal investigators. A medium carrying out healing in a most haunted building will be healing a spook.  Hunting for a ghost like  will need psychic
ghost busters to catch a spook. Hunting ghosts with a
medium or psychic will help find spirits in buildings. Orbs like in most haunted are supernatural.  Buildings and
spirit or spirits show as emf when in a hunting session by a medium. Investigators hunt as psychics
we are a ghost/ paranormal investigation group based in wales,
We investigate inns, pubs, castles you name if it's haunted  we will investigate it. Our Ghost Investigation team have trained mediums and psychics on every ghost /paranormal investigation or hunt.
Our ghost hunts/paranormal investigations involve various ways of contacting spirit, our psychics /mediums will hold seances, divination, ouija and many other various ways. Our ghost investigation
Team /Paranormal investigators, visit places of historic interest as well as ordinary homes. We as a group lnvestigate anything that  has no logical explanation, in other words all things paranormal.
Paranormal is a word that covers .. ghosts, spooks, spirits, entities. As a investigation team we Investigation or ghost hunt in haunted places. We prefer to do an investigation/ghost hunt on friday
evening as we do not usually finish an ghost hunt until the early hours of the morning. Our mediums/psychics work very hard, not only trying to get spirit /ghosts to communicate but also have to
make sure the group work as a team. Paranormal incidents can be various depending on whom the medium/psychic has managed to contact. again this can be spirits entities, etc. The group must
always be incontact with each other and we alaways have 2 way radio's. Spirit can alter the wave length of these so is a good tool for the paranormal group to have apart from safety reasons.  When
our Paranormal group/team get to the haunted places they have no previous knowledge of the venue. We make special efforts to keep our mediums/psychics  unaware of the place they are going to
and away from any tales of spirits, hauntings, or previous ghost hunts, groups,/team mediums, psychics, or the local spirits ... the pub! so that our team/group  have as little knowledge of the haunted
places. Our group/team of mediums/psychics will look after you in these haunted places. The ghost group/team will try to ensure spirit  will not harm you, we cannot guarantee this as spirit work in
mysterious ways at thes haunted places. Ghost hunts should never be attempted to be done on your own, a medium/psychic has been trained to deal with spirit in whatever form it takes.    Haunted
places are everywhere, join our group with a psychic medium present at all times. We dare you to join us on a very haunted ghost hunt.
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